Delcor makes buying a Trane simple.

There's a lot to consider when purchasing an HVAC system. Delcor can help make the process seamless by providing the tools and knowledge you need, and the confidence and security to ensure it's installed the right way from the start!

Tax Credits!  

We can provide information about everything from tax credits to Trane systems and energy savings.

Follow these three steps when you are ready to buy a Trane HVAC system.  Call Delcor to help you navigate the process when its time.

If you don’t find all of the answers you need here, you can always contact Delcor


The Delcor Purchasing Process

The Delcor Purchasing Process involves financial decisions. It’s important to understand your options. Call us or visit these pages for more details about buying a new Trane system. For specific questions about your home’s HVAC needs, or if you get lost in the process, schedule an appointment with Delcor.

HVAC Pricing

How much will a new heating and cooling system cost? Many factors go into the pricing of your HVAC system. Total cost varies by region and can depend on home construction, home location and ductwork. There is no MSRP when it comes to HVAC systems. For specific pricing information, contact Delcor today.

See if your Trane heating and air conditioning system qualifies for a federal energy tax credit. In 2012, Congress modified and extended its energy efficiency tax credits for appliances. Many of Trane’s units are eligible under this law.

With Trane’s flexible financing options, you can have an energy efficient Trane heating and air conditioning system with the comfort you deserve. Enjoy competitive interest rates, convenient monthly payments and no prepayment penalty.

Savings & Offers

Search for rebates and other savings through your local Trane dealers. Trane makes it easy to apply for rebates and cut back your heating and cooling system cost.